Released by 2D Boys few years ago, the World of Goo was firstly available for PC and Nintendo Wii. Immediately after its release, this game won many awards and top reviews scores, despite the fact that the marketing campaign was a cheap one. When developers decided to release World of Goo HD iPad App, everyone noticed that this indie success story feels more comfortable on the iPad, like it was made from the beginning to be played on the iPad’s touch screen. After the World of Goo decided to hit app store, this absolutely fantastic app won again tons of awards.

This is one of those games for iPad in which the game play is simple and difficult in the same time, based on the idea of building a tower or a bridge by connecting sticky goo balls (pulling and dragging them) for reaching a pipe to accomplish the level. In World of Goo HD iPad App all unused goo balls have to pass through this gooey structure in order to touch the pipe. You are asked to save a number of goo balls (you can save a bigger number of balls but not a lower one), and that’s why you have to think and use your imagination in order to do an efficiently-built construction, so that no goo ball to be wasted.

It’s easier to explain how to play the World of Goo than to play it considering that the player also has to pay attention to the wind and the gravity; because of them, the towers and bridges can sway or collapse. So, in order to pass the levels, particularly the later ones, you need to test your intelligence and creativity and, in the same time, you shouldn’t forget to have fun.’

The World of Goo’s music is great and fit extremely well with the game. The amazing experience of this game is also given by the attractive graphics and, if you are a competitive person, you will surely like the leader boards…can you reach top 50 or, maybe, place your name on the top of the list?

So, if you want to have many days of challenge, enjoyment and sometimes frustrations, count on World of Goo HD iPad App and you won’t be disappointed. Like other games for iPad, it waits for you in app store. You can have it for $4.99.