A game that is like Scrabble is Words with Friends, it has more social features that Scrabble and that makes it an awesome game. In Words with Friends iPad you can play up to 20 games at a time, you can send invites to your Facebook and Twitter friends and also you can chat with your opponents.

In Words With Friends iPad you can play at your pace and you aren’t bound to finish one game in one sitting. In your spare time you can finish your game, after completing some tasks that you have to make. You will be notified with some pop-ups on your screen that is your turn in the game or that some friend sent you a message.

Words With Friends iPad app also has a really nice design that is very organized. Thanks to its design you can see all your moves, the games that you’ve completed in separate sets and the opponents’ moves. With its easy to use and learn design you can see what games you are playing really easy.

If your friends aren’t using this app you will still have some opponents that you can play with, the app will choose randomly one for you. For finding a random opponent you will have to tap on the Random Opponent tab and the app will find a challenger for you. In this app you can play with your friends and your family on the same tablet by the Pass and Play feature. With that feature you will play with them by taking alternately turns.

In Words With Friends iPad app you can recall and swap the tiles, pass a turn and resign from the game like the other game features. If you will create a word and you will cleverly put it on the triple or double letter or word squares you will earn more point.

A thing at this app that I think that is a disadvantage is that you can’t rotate your tablet to a landscape mode because the game board is set to a portrait layout permanently. A nice feature that I think it will be a really huge plus is a score preview that will show you how many points do you have so you won’t have to remember and count your potential score.

You can play up to 20 games simultaneously. Also you can select a random opponent and play at your own pace. In this app you can also chat with your friends and game buddies.

Like I said before a disadvantage is that you can play only in portrait layout only and that you don’t have a score preview.