In only one day the iPad users that create their own contents were really happy to hear that Adobe released Photoshop Touch and that Vimeo 2.0 has been launched. This version of Vimeo has a universal build for native iPad support for managing, sharing, watching and downloading your videos with other iPad users.

This new version of Vimeo has been called as “The official all-new and super-improved” app because all the good parts of Vimeo are in only one application. With this release you can be really happy if you are an iPad user. Now you can have the Vimeo iPad 2 app as a universal option – for iPad and iPhone – that includes everything and has a better interface of course. This new version of Vimeo iPad 2 app will be much easier to use.

The developers of the new Vimeo iPad 2 app told that they managed to pack all the best features in this simple application making it better than other version. You will be able to upload and edit, or manage and also watch any type of videos on your iPhone. If you will want to find some new and interesting videos you will do it through the most pleasant range of channels offered by the Vimeo iPad 2 app.

This great application comes in pack with a video editor easy-to-use guide who will help you a lot on your new journey with the Vimeo iPad 2 app. The video editor of this iPad application will allow you to capture videos with focus control and grid alignment; you can also add transitions, titles and all kinds of effects and finally upload your masterpiece on Vimeo of course. Now in the new Vimeo iPad 2 app you will find the Vimeo Music Store integrated in the video editor especially for you to find even more choices of music and sounds recordings.

Also, the Vimeo iPad 2 app allows you to shoot videos and also create projects and after that to browse them on channels without logging in, but if you choose to log in you will see all the comments, shares and watch later albums.

You can download the Vimeo iPad 2 app free from the app store. This application is a 21.6 MB size version and it is compatible with all devices that run iOS 4.3 or even later versions. So give it a shot and you won’t regret it!