For your iPad, with the latest up-to-date map, a new app was just updated and optimized…TomTom GPS now for iPad.

Maps on a 10” dispaly are good news for owner of an iPad 3G version. Comparing to the small display of an iPhone 4, TomTom iPad GPS gives you optimal performance on the display of your iPad because this app uses a full screen display which brings together the images of the Advance Line Guidance and the driving way. You are allowed to use in-App connected services and your subscriptions can be transferred without difficulty.

Here are some others benefits of this app:

  • The most updated map

Even if roads are always changing, TomTom iPad GPS app is unfailing because of its up-to date-map.

  • IQ Routes

This app collects actual speed information from users in order to estimate the right travel time. It takes into consideration traffic lights, rush hour or shopping crowds.

  • Speed Cameras

Locations of fixed or mobile speed cameras are revealed in account of updates made in real time. So, stop spending money on fines and enjoy drive experience.

  • Map Share

Enjoy every day updates from users, no matter where you are and make changes on your map for free.

  • HD Traffic

Great distances coverage, precise traffic info and updated more than anything else, made TomTom GPS app the fastest way in traffic.

  • Spoken Instructions

In order to not distract you, this app comes with spoken instructions (like street names), to make your travel easier and safer.

  • Advanced guidance

For choosing the right way in junctions, it indicates you in a clear manner which is the right way. In agglomerate intersections a 3D representation is available.

  • Find locals with Google

You can easy locate anything you want…from libraries to Chinese restaurants or fast foods with a single tap in local Google listings.

  • Think Eco

 When you choose a route you can try a more fuel-efficient one because you save some money and the impact on the environment is lower. TomTom GPS helps you to choose a route like this.

  • Day and night mode

For making your drive safer, this app is able to estimate sunrise and sunset in order to automatically adjust the brightness of your iPad screen.

All those advantages and many more make TomTom GPS for iPad to be a great news for owners of an iPad who want to have a safe, funny, interesting and quick route.