You own a mobile phone and you spent a fortune on it, but feel like you are not using all of its features? You should know that there are several activities that can be both fun and productive if you decide to try them. For instance, if you want to be productive and take care of your daily tasks more easily than you did before, then install task managing apps like to-do check-up lists or planners for the whole month. In case you want to easily access information about companies, business directories or direct contacts and you already own a TV license subscription for access to it, then try calling Sky numbershelpline. Gaming is an option too if you are passionate about it. There are ranked games that require constancy and focus, meaning that it can become a serious hobby later. Here are some detailed descriptions of what you can do with your mobile phone:

Actually use it as a phone

Nowadays, with all the smartphones that keep appearing on the market, people forgot that phones are supposed to be used for making calls. Helplines, favourite numbers, customer service – all of these should be remembered as options when you are in need of certain things. Do not get used to just googling what you need and click on the highest ranked result you are given. Try using real peer-to-peer services that require communication. In these days, people actually tend to lose their skill to verbally communicate due to searching for everything online, chatting, sending SMS messages and so on. Remember what the true purpose of a phone is.

Monitor your physical activity

Not many people know that your phone can be a precious tool to follow your physical activity. How many steps you are taking, how much kilometres you ran last time, how many calories you burnt while doing aerobics – all these are possible to track with the help of your phone and an additional fitness device. The investment is worth it, knowing you will receive real data about your heart rate. Though, it is possible to track your walking/running activity and routes with just your smartphone and the GPS function enabled.

Keep track of your business

There are automation software platforms that offer a mobile app too. This way, you can analyse data reports, choose who can have access to the app’s features and so on. It is much easier to automate sending emails or storing customer contact details with the help of a mobile app than through an employee or sitting at a desk for hours. This represents one of the most productive activities you can do with your mobile phone in the situation that you own a business in any field of work.

All things considered, there are many options you have to choose from when it comes to putting your mobile phone at work. No matter if you want to spend more time playing, organizing your life or managing a business, try learning more about your possibilities.