For gamers who love old style games, Gameloft developer has great news: The Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad and it is still pretty fun, even after 30 years. It’s interesting how an old classic game succeed in making its way onto the tablet. This is that kind of game which was played by parents, children and now the nephews have the chance to play it too.

The Oregon Trail Classic Game is an educational one and follows the travel of a family, during the 1800’s gold rush, from Missouri to Oregon.

The essence of the game is almost the same with the one of the original game; the developers only added some mini games and new visuals. The fact that The Oregon Trail Classic Game is now available may not be very good news for parents because, despite the fact that it is an old classic game, it can keep your child occupied an entire day. So pay attention to the time that your child allocates to this game if you decided to buy it for him.

Here are some features of this app:

  • Features that you already know and love from the classic “The Oregon Trail” but also some great new ones.
  • You have the opportunity to meet some of the most influent persons in history, or you can have a quick chat with your villagers in order to get quests along with real historic facts
  • You can be the owner of a frontier village which you can personalize as you want by constructing buildings, adding crops, livestock and look after you people’s happiness
  • Have fun with mini games which ask you to fish or hunt and make sure you have enough supplies for your people in order to pass unharmed through the toughest problems of times.
  • You will have to face difficult periods, from stampedes to heavy storms, when you will have to protect your people. Their safety is in your hands, so you always have to make the right decision.

The Oregon Classic Game is compatible with iPod touch, iPhone and iPad and is necessary to have iOS 2.2.1 or a later version.

Along with the news that The Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad, there is another good one: this app is free for a limited period of time. This wants to be a promotion for celebrating the release of its sequel, American Settler.