On December 16th last year, Apple released an official list containing the most used and downloaded applications from the App Store in 2013. Just as children crave for sweets, the dedicated and passionate iOS users craved for this list, which came as a rewarding and fulfilling acknowledgement of success for some, as well as an official recognition of failure for others. To cut to the chase, here is a detailed and explained list of the most wanted and appreciated iPad and iPhone apps in 2013.

At the top of the charts sits the largest success in mobile games of the year, the one and only Candy Crush Saga, which was officially awarded the tittle of Apple’s most wanted app in 2013, ranking both number 1 in the top for free iPhone Apps, as well as the same top position in the list of free iPad Apps! Although there have been plenty of Candy Crush Saga cheats and tips released on the web, the captivating puzzle game developed by King still received the crown for its staggering success. In addition, Bgr.com reports that Candy Crush Saga registered the largest engagement of American iPhone owners, approximately 20 percent! This is a considerably high percentage, if you consider that other social media networks scored 27 percent in the user engagement ranking, whereas for mobile games the second highest spot is taken by Temple Run, with a 10 percent engagement.

Further on in the Apple lists, a well-established name was situated second for both iPads and iPhones. This is, of course, the YouTube app which, together with the Facebook app, still remained firmly in top 10 positions amongst user favorites, although Facebook took a far lower place: number 8 in the iPhone user top and number 9 in the iPad market. As for the Apple fans willing to pay certain amounts of money for their apps, the list shows a clear domination: games! According to the official numbers released by the company, games continue to reign supreme as an amazing 7 of the top 10 purchased apps were games, both when looking at the iPad and iPhone results. With a price tag of $6.99, the Minecraft app developed by Mojang managed to take the number one position as the most requested paid app of the year.

Other familiar names appeared on the Apple lists. The popular social media services, Vine and Snapchat, popped up in the top 10 favorites for iPhone users, whereas the traditional media did better on iPad rankings, according to the top 10 positions that include Netflix and iBooks. The Apple top announcements also included what appeared to be a surprise for specialists in the industry. The Twitter app was not seen as a desirable application to have in 2013, according to iOS users. Despite of the fact that the Twitter brand had a year full of events, especially because of their IPO publication the Apple top 10 lists still did not contain it. The other popular apps included in the iPhone rankings are: Google Maps on 5, Instagram on the 7th place and Despicable Me: Minion Rush, on the last position. As for the iPad Apps, the other names not mentioned in this article so far are Skype for iPad, on the 5th position, and Calculator for iPad Free, coming in 4th.