The latest app in interactive elements is the iPad App the Elements. The Elements is basically a book that is made by the guys from Periodic Table. For the education market from all around the world they’ve done printed books and so many stuffs. The Elements iPad is their first application for iPad/iPhone and I was really amazed when I heard this.

After opening this app you will have a full listing of the periodic table right in front of you. You will notice that there are not only some photos of the elements but there are some 3D renders that actually move. After you will tap on an element you will go to the custom page of discovery of the element that you tapped on. Who said iPads can’t be useful and educational too? Besides being able to see TV news, listen to music, take photos, videos and others, you can also learn about the surrounding world and about all the elements that make it the wonder that it is.

On the element page you will find a big render of the element or just an example of its use. Also on that page you will find all necessary information that you want to know about that element like structure, atomic radius, density, weight and so many more. An amazing resource that you will probably use is the WolframAlpha and this is providing you some additional information.

The navigational tools you will find on the bottom right corner. For bringing more information about the element just tap the right arrow and with the additional info there will come some more 3D renders of the element or its uses. In this app there are over 500 renders and you can spin/rotate them all in real time. Every element has a detailed history and also a story too. If you think that having interactive 3D renders isn’t enough just double tap on the render and you will be amazed to see a full screen object.

If you want to see the object stereoscopically just tap the double circle icon. If you can focus your eyes you will see a “real” 3D render of the object, if you can’t do that The Elements gives you a link from where you can download a pair of special 3D glasses for $4.95. I think that thing is really awesome.

Even that there is a recent update to this app, the big minus at it is that it crashes constantly. I really want an update to fix that and make this app really stable.

Another minus is that this app really has a big size, of almost 2GB.

Per total I think that this application is a really nice one and will help students to learn chemistry. You can buy The Elements for $13.99 from the app store.