If you are a skywatcher then you will love the App Star Walk iPad. After opening it for the first time you will be amazed by the impressive quality of the graphics. Your experience on the iPad will be a nice one thanks to the resolution and amount of detail of this app. In Star Walk there is a bunch of information like the rising and setting times and elevations of the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. They are also having a really nice graphic that will dazzle you. With the Sun’s data is also coming more information like the day length. You can also find out about the lunar phases that were yesterday or two days ago and this is also presented in an amazing three-dimensional view.

You will be able with Star Walk to see a view of the sky, no matter where the back of your iPad is oriented, thanks to iPad’s accelerometer and built-in compass. A virtual experience, that none of the existing apps can create like Star Walk, is that while you move the display does it too. If you are outside with your friends or family and one of them noticed a bright star in the night sky, with Star Walk you can find out its name by pointing your iPad at the star. After pointing your iPad to it, the star will appear on the device screen and with a tap you will know its name.

You can see celestial objects that are on the other side of the Earth by pointing your iPad straight down.

Another feature that I found interesting is that the major constellations are highlighted when they are centered on the iPad screen, if you want you can turn it off. At the major constellations you will see their name but also you can see the ancient images that they represent.

If you will tap on the clock icon that is in the upper-right corner of the display the app will show you the current date and time. Also you are able to speed up or you can slow down time by sliding along the right-hand edge on your iPad screen.

Other interesting features you can find by tapping on the icon that is in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. With the “Sky Live” you can go back at the opening display where you will find information about the Moon, Sun and various planets.

I think that you will find the app Star Walk iPad really interesting and you will use it really often to look at the stars and find out their name and other information.