Everyone is addicted to Skype. I mean Skype is the new messenger, so if you’re a Skype maniac you will surely be glad to hear that a Skype iPad app will appear really soon. It seems that developers are still working on it but the Skype iPad app it’s on its’ way to users from all over the world.

This idea of releasing the new Skype iPad app is induced by the video that was recently put on the internet, which means that Skype has a small leak inside. By seeing this video you will absolutely think that your days of Skype on the iPhone will come to an end because the era of Skype iPad app will introduce you in a new world.

You will gladly socialize from your iPad instead of iPhone and this is one of the greatest benefits of this application.

Even though you are excited about it, hold your horses because Skype haven’t announced anything official, yet. You probably think that if a video of the Skype iPad app release appeared on the internet than must be some truth in it. Probably developers are still working on it to make it perfect for you and all of the users are expecting it.

I think that the Skype iPad app is the most expected application for iPad ever. Millions of users dream to access Skype from their iPad because it will be much easier for everyone to do it. And if there’s a video – a possible small leak from Skype – that announces a future release of the Skype iPad app than I think that this is very much real. And so, the Skype iPad app will probably be approve by the application store very soon.

TUAW spoke on the phone with Rick Osterloh, the VP of Skype, about the supposed release of the Skype iPad app and he said that you can expect on converting the Skype iPhone version into a Skype iPad app really soon, but he didn’t commented anything else about it. And if you think about it, releasing the Skype iPad app is a logical thing to do because the device iPad2 was released with a camera on it. And this camera can be very well used when you’re speaking on Skype.

So don’t lose you’re hope because I’m pretty sure that the Skype iPad app is on its’ way to you and to all the users in the world.