If you are the owner of an iPad, I’m sure that you want to use it for as many activities as possible. In order to transform your iPad into a surprising business tool, a new app, called Shared Paper Lite, was just released and is very useful when you want to make and share your presentations. The developer of this app is an UK company specialized in software development, called Dazzle Labs, with a background in computer graphics, visualization and collaboration, which is focused on  IOS platform regarding the productivity of applications.

Just take a look to the iPad interface…don’t you feel that it asks you to use it in presentations? When Steve Jobs designed the tablet, he surely knew that it will be used by all kind of people…from students to businessmen and they will often feel the need to use it in their presentations.

App store offers you a great variety of such applications, but what makes Shared Paper Lite to be different is that this app is not only a slide viewer tool but also an editor.

The idea of zoomable canvas, which during meetings and presentations allows you to draw and write on, is a great one. You won’t get lost in the expandable canvas of Shared Paper Lite thanks to a scale placed on the top to the screen which indicates your position. Along with the nice interface which is easy to navigate with, this app contain all the main drawing tools. With this app you also can change colors, move, select and rotate an object, add text, import images and brush sizes.

One of the best characteristics of Shared Paper Lite is the possibility to work together on drawing canvas. All you need is a WiFi connection if you want to share your ideas.  Your friends or colleagues can express their thoughts on the same time on their own tablet, for your canvas.

You won’t meet any difficulties when you decide to transform your drawing canvas into a presentation…you will need only several taps to select your preset views of the canvas and then display them as slideshow.
When you finish your work, you can export it as an image file or as a PDF document.

This iPad app is a free one but if you want to enjoy Shared Paper Lite full paid version, you have to pay for it $4.99 –$6.99 regular, on app store. You should also know that active documents of this app are limited to 3 and 25 drawings. You have the opportunity to try the free version before having the full one.