The online world is full of information and details that help people find out everything they might want to know, such as how to unlock Galaxy phones and many more insightful tips. This is why today we will bring forward the topic of crossword games and present to you one of the classic ones in a more modern twist.

Scrabble is a crossword style game where you will have to make words with your tiles by using already existing letters on the board. On the iPad you will find out that Scrabble really has some new amazing features.

First feature that I’m presenting to you is the single player mode versus the computer where you can use all the tiles 75 or 100 point, or 8 or 12 round game. The other modes of the game are about playing with your friends by connecting through Wi-Fi or even the pass n play on the same device.

With the local network play you can connect through Wi-Fi with your friend’s iPads or iPhones or iPod Touches. You also can play with your friends on Facebook or you can play public games. In the Facebook mode you are able to play at a time up to 25 different games.

The most innovative feature I think it is the party play. You will have to download a free app called Scrabble Tile Rack on your iPhone/iPod Touch and after that connect to the iPad through wireless. The iPad is the Scrabble board and the iPhones and iPod Touches are going to be the tile racks. Now everybody is holding their rack to themselves and the game gets interesting.

If you are alone you can play the single player mode and if you decide to star another game mode, the single player game will be saved.

If you are with some friends at your place and you want to play some scrabble you can choose the local network play when each of you will have you own devices. I think that the best thing is that you can play through local network not only from your iPad, you also can play from an iPhone or iPod Touch.

After testing it I think that the best experience with App Scrabble iPad you will have by playing in the local network mode with the iPad being the board and on another iPads or iPhones or even really iPod Touches to have the tile racks, so you can keep your tiles secret. I think that all the five playing modes are great not only the Local Network mode.

As a big minus to this app I think that is the price of $9.99. This thing isn’t good because their competitor, Words with Friends HD, has a price of only $2.99.

As a verdict I must say that I really had some fun playing Scrabble iPad and if you don’t mind to spend $9.99 for it I think you will enjoy it.

Remember, you can find everything on the web these days, from ways to unlock Galaxy smart phones to the largest variety of crossword games. You should definitely check out the modern version of Scrabble which is compatible with iPads, although it might prove to be a little bit costly at first.