For those who like to make and record their own musical creations, developer Pulse Code released Rhythm Studio App for iPad, a must have app if you are a musician or you want to be. Now, you can have your own real studio of electronic music instruments available anywhere, anytime with a single tap of your tablet.

Even if Rhythm Studio uses advanced features, its interface, that resembles real instruments, is an easy to understand one. Every button does only a single thing, just as it would with authentic hardware. So, don’t worry…you won’t meet an abstract design or obscure interface. Your workplace is, in fact, a virtual desktop which include all your song devices. The song transport is shown at the top of your screen.

Pattern based, the sequence of this app allows you to access patterns with a single tap on the patter number found on the transport. Also, with a single tap, in order to zoom in, you can manipulate your devices with full multi-touch ability. When you want to use another device, you can tap either the pan button or the zoom out button.

And this is not all…the developers of Rhythm Studio App are going to make it even better by adding new features, more synthesizers, FX and drum machines. Those will be offered to you free of charge, as updates. Since the releasing of the original, one drum machine, seven effects and two synths were already added.

Instruments already available:

  • Synthesizers: ST-1 (Sample Tone One), TB-3 (Transistor Bass Three), GEMINI (Two Oscillator Virtual and Analog), HORNET (Subtractive Ribbon), PHOENIX (Supersaw synth)
  • Drum machines: DR-8 and DR-9 (Digital Rhythm Eight and Nine)

Audio hardware available:

  • Mixer with integrated FX in order to send (Flanger, Phaser, Delay, Chorus, D-Verb and S-Verb) and insert (Distortion, Amp Distortion and Foldback Distortion, Low and High Pass Filter, Auto Filter, Gate, Equalizer, Lo-Fi –sample rate reducer, bit decimation)
  • Control Pad

Ways of creating music offered by Rhythm Studio:

  • Play live the synths or the drum machines, using the Control Pad.
  • Program the synths and the drum machines manually
  • Basing on the scale and the key of a song, generate randomized patterns

If you think that this app will help you in your work as a musician or it will help you to relax and have fun, you should know that, for a limited period of time, you can have Rhythm Studio App for iPad, for only $0.99 from the app store.