You have heard about the new currency happening around the world, probably. Yes, we are talking about bitcoin. We are going to tell you a secret. Traditional credit cards were not created for online transactions. They were created just for withdrawal. This is the reason most banks and merchants are struggling to make online transactions more secure. There is several reasons to have some bitcoin to credit card and we are going to make a short list for you.

1. Nobody charges you for dealing with your virtual money

Every bank has a fee of some kind or another when you make any transaction, including when you deposit money. When you have a bitcoin card, no one but you is responsible for dealing with your money. Therefore, no charges will ever appear and your account will remain the same unless you desire otherwise. In addition, there is a bonus. No value added tax (VTA) applies to bitcoin currency.

2. A bitcoin credit card is safe

As we mentioned before traditional credit cards are not very safe for online transactions. When making a transaction with a bitcoin credit card none of your personal data will be required. You do not have to provide any information like your CVS code or the date of expiration. Not even your name. All credit cards of this type have a personal and a public key. While making transactions, only the public one will be requested.

3. You will not have to worry about inflation

As you might already know, the bitcoin institution is a decentralized one. Therefore, it falls under no Government’s economic politics. This makes the bitcoin currency so stable. You don’t have to worry about your Government over typing money. The maximum amount of bitcoin currency is going to be produced is about 21 million. Your power of buying will remain the same no matter the internal economic context.

4. It is a fast way to make transactions

You might have noticed, but sometimes, when making interbank transactions, the period of processing them can vary from several hours to a few days. With the bitcoin currency, you do not have to worry about this aspect, because it is processed almost instantaneous. This is according to our needs in terms of time. Not having to ever pay cash or withdraw money from the ATM is a big benefit of bitcoin currency, given the limited amount of time we have for enjoying our lives.

5. You can choose how private are your transactions

You can choose for a completely transparency of your transactions, or complete privacy of your transactions. Moreover, you are able to create numerous electronic wallets in order to manage your bitcoin accounts as you please.

If you are still not sure a bitcoin credit card comes to your help, do some research yourself and find out more about the benefits of being the owner of a card of this type.