A new iPad app that claims the functionality of MS Office is the Quickoffice Connect. Just a few days ago this new app, Quickoffice Connect mobile suite for iPad, was just released. This application has some really awesome features that really liked me. In this app you can create and edit Excel, Word and Powerpoint documents. I think that this app will really make the MS office users really happy. I must say that this application isn’t the first one that permits you to edit and create Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents.

With Quickoffice iPad app you will be able to upload and download files from many services just like Google Docs, Dropbox, Box.net, SugarSync cloud and MobileMe. The document in this app has a really nice layout and also easy to understand. The design of the layout of the document is also awesome. In the left side of the screen you have a column and there you will find your entire local and cloud storage spots. The files and folders are shown in the middle columns. In the right side is a column that shows you what documents that you have in a folder that you have selected. You can create and edit documents from this screen. Also, from the same screen, you can email your documents or you can change your preferences.

I really like this top iPad app but this application also has some minuses. A thing that I think that is a minus is that you have a limited number of fonts and paragraph formats what you can use. Also, another minus, is that the basic spell checker is missing from the application, and if it that was really helped a lot of us, being a nice feature. With all that minuses I really liked this app. I liked it a lot after I started using it. After creating my first draft it really felt good to see that is so simple to make it. The developers are having courage to compete in this space and I really congratulate them for this.

I think that a lot of you will prefer this app instead of the Apple versions of applications like this one. Although I don’t think that this app will make me convert away from Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iPad anytime soon. If you want this app you can buy it from the App store for $14.99.