In late 1980s, Francesco Cirilo created the Pomodoro Techniques in order to help people to transform their time into an important ally by getting the most out of time management. With the help of a timer, the activities are divided in 25-minutes intervals (these are, in fact, the Pomodoros). While working on a Pomodoro, you have to be concentrated only on the chosen activity and try to avoid interruptions. After these 25-minutes you stop and have a 5-minutes break to relax. After 4 Pomodoros, you are allowed to have a longer break if you want to take a walk or even a nap.

The great news is that those techniques are now available for your iPad. Pomodoro App for iPad helps productivity even if you are a student, a businessman or an employee. This iPad app is also useful for the school work of your child…it helps him to stay focused and have a better productivity.

When you start to work with this iPad app, firstly you’ll have to plan your activities. You will introduce your tasks into the inventory and estimate how many Pomodoros you will need for each activity. Tasks for which you need less than one Pomodoro can be combined. If a task requires more than 5 to 7 Pomodoros, you’ll have to break it down. Touch and move the most important activity at the top of your list; on the bottom, put the least important one.

First thing you will surely like at Pomodoro app is the beautiful user interface, with wood and paper. It’s clean and easy to use. You will meet no difficulties in enter your work tasks or set the timer. It is available both in English and German.

Along with the excellent interface, Pomodoro App for iPad has many other features:

  • The timer can be wound up with your finger and plays a ticking sound (but you also can turn off all sounds)
  • When you quit this iPad app, the timer still continues;
  • When you don’t need the lists, you can hide them;
  • The activities can be moved between the lists;
  • The finished activities can be archived and unnecessary activities can be deleted;
  • For each activity, you can approximate the number of Pomodoros;

If you want to know more about those techniques, you can read about how Pomodoro App for iPad helps productivity on their website.