Swiss from Game2be, an autonomous iOS developer, which is focused on fun and easy to play games, came with great news for owners of iPad: Plopp HD iPad App Hits App Store and it is expected to produce more enthusiasm than the iPhone version. Beside the great name, the design and quality of this game are also remarkable.

It won’t be long until Plopp HD will succeed in surprising you with its graphics…from the first tap you will discover how amazing it is. Accurate and simple, this game interface will be a delight for users. The continuous flow of circles, numbered and colored, which explode on your display along with the changing of background every time a level is beaten, are also charming elements of this game.

Beginning with the central concept of Plopp HD, everything becomes excellent. Plopps, which are white bubble-like circles placed on your screen, become larger and larger as they “approach” to you. In order to earn points, you have to tap on them and the numerical value of each tapped Plopp will be yours or you can generate chain reactions in order to change the point value and receive a big reward. By tapping a Plopp you blow it up and a shock wave will be released. If this shock wave hits other Plopps, they will explode too. If you want to earn more points than you have to wait for Plopps to become as big as possible but, be careful because Plopps are not allowed to touch each other…they will fade away and you will lose points.

This game can be played in 4 distinct modes which allow you to enjoy playing Plopp HD a long period of time. Beside this, here are also other highlights of this game: 20 distinct levels, 5 types of Plopps and no less than 80 challenging quests. You also have the opportunity to choose from 6 different languages. The “one-touch-controls” of this game make it accessible to anybody.

Integrated music with 3 available sound-tracks should also be reminded. The principle is simple and funny: more completed levels of achievements, better customized music. If you dislike the music proposed by this application, you should not be worried…you can play your favorites songs from your iTunes library.

Now, when you know that Plopp HD iPad App Hits App Store, you should also find out that if you want to enjoy this iPad App, you have to pay $1,99 for it.