Even if many web browsing innovations were released in last years, only few of them were about browsing protection. It is known that, with identity theft, Americans loose about 8.5 billion dollars and it tends to rise. Since we continue to prefer easy passwords like our pet name, the hackers’ mission is a simple one. Now, with Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad, you have the chance to give up writing passwords when browsing your private websites.

This iPad app allows you to use a signature-like touch that you can personalize for each account. To create a Passtouch is very easy: over the interface, you have to draw an uninterrupted, free-form line. You may choose different colors and shapes (which you can remember easily); the Passtouch Web Browser will guide you when you want to sign in.

Some features of this app:

  • Full screen browsing –big browser buttons are easy to tap; if you want to use the entire screen, it is there for you.
  • Multiple user profiles –with this app you will have private access to your Twitter, Facebook, mail and other accounts.
  • Password protected sites can be accessed with only one tap –after your first log-in to a website, your username and password will be remembered.
  • Private Bookmarks and History –inside your Passtouch profile, your history and bookmarks are protected.

If you want to enjoy Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad, you will find it on app store for free.