Everything is changing around you: your body, your country, the nature around you and, in fact, the entire world. Have you ever imagined that one day you will be able to manipulate the time? Now is the moment to let your mind free and put your finger at work. You don’t have to be an artist to succeed in doing this because, thanks to Red Hill Studios, Painting with Time App is now here to help you.  The developers of this app are those who gave you the chance to enjoy the Playing with Time traveling museum exhibit and the Exploring Time documentary series.

After you access Painting with Time App, it takes only few minutes to realize what a great idea is developed in it. This app is able to show you a different world and gives you the chance to open your mind for new options.

This is a very special and entertaining app. In various landscapes, you have the chance to play with the flow of time and brush on your iPad tablet.

Your finger (as a brush stroke) is the one that will show you how our world is changing by using 14 custom image sets. For example, you have the chance to discover the changing light of a wonderful city, San Francisco, during an entire day.  You can also play in Painting with Time App with facial looks, like “managing” the beard growing. Another image set is a very realistic and, unfortunately, very dramatic one and is referring to changes caused by global warming (like the retreat of a glacier over years). Each scene of Painting with Time App gives you the opportunity to see a slow natural process that, normally, we can’t observe because our visual system is involved in “daily activities” and is not used to observe slow moving events like passing of seasons.

Painting with Time features:

  • 14 beautiful image sets of art, nature and people
  • Eight preset tools (brushes and slicing patterns)
  • Manipulation time for Painting Time and Slicing Time
  • “Mix and Merge” capability which gives you the opportunity to merge various time views

You can choose in your exploration between five brush strokes and you can use an interesting time slicer which allows your imagination to transform a given image in unique and eccentric new ways.

So, let your creativity free and download Painting with Time App for free from the App Store.