Do you want your iPad to become a digital hub for all find of documents? Do you want to take advantage of PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, Ms Word documents, web and text files, archives, photos and videos on your iPad? If you think it’s an overstatement, just take a look to OrganiDoc HD for iPad app and you will see that all those things are true.

All in a single app interface, with a great design, OrganiDoc HD supports almost all kind of files. This is its biggest advantage that differentiates it from other iPad apps. With it, the management of your files will become easier.

Another advantage is that this app allows you to retrieve and store photo images, mp3 files, videos and movies. You can watch without overflowing your iPad storage. You also can play files like wmv or mpg which are converted by OrganiDoc HD to mp3 or mp4.

This app has 3 sidebar sections: the photos container, the media (video) container and a documents container. In these sections, all kind of files can be imported, inclusively from within the app by selecting them or from iTunes file sharing. Before uploading your files, you have to organize them: imagines under photos, documents into doc and movies under media. You have to choose a section for every file that you uploaded; otherwise OrganiDoc HD may not recognize it. When you want to convert videos to mp4, files must be in media section if you want to see the convert options.

Your are allowed to align your files by type, name, size and date or to edit your videos and photos if you want to move them in another folder, print (using the AirPrint), share and delete them,  protect them by adding a password (if you want to keep them private or safe), copy and paste them anywhere you want, even to your mail.

Many types of files are recognized by OrganiDoc HD. You can use this app if you work with files like: mp3, mov, mp4, doc, docx, pdf, txt, rtf, xls, xlsx, html,xml, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, sag, jpg, png and others. TV OUT is also supported if you want to present something on the screen.

For connecting your app to a cloud service, in order to access the files, OrganiDoc HD for iPad allows you to use services like: Google Docs, iDisk, Dropbox or MobileMe.

You can find this iPad app in app store for $4,99.