I’m sure you love your iPad but I’m also sure that you know those moments when it’s hard to leave your computer behind because of a file that needs to be created or edited. Thanks to OnLive iPad App, those things are going to change.

Called OnLive Desktop, this app gives you instant access to Windows desktop with 2 GB of free cloud storage and full-featured Microsoft Office apps. OnLive iPad will help you when you want to create or edit a Word, PowerPoint or Excel doc. In fact, you are allowed to do anything that you could do on the office desktop, the great difference is that now all those things can be done in the hotel, in your car or anywhere else.

Regarding the multi-touch navigation, with OnLive desktop you will receive a fluidly and instantly response from Window to your touch. Your control over Microsoft Office apps and other folders is easier and quicker thanks to some touch gestures like drag, scroll, drop, Aero snap, zoom or pinch.

Another interesting thing about OnLive iPad is that everything is created or saved on the iPad, can be accessed from any place; so, if you want to show your boss an impressively PowerPoint presentation but you forgot your iPad at home, there is nothing you have to worry. OnLive Desktop it’s your solution.

The developers of OnLive iPad App offers you this app for free. All you have to do is to search for it in app store and, after you found it, create a free account with OnLive to enjoy the program.