If you’re enjoying watching programs and films on your iPad then NetFlix iPad app is the best thing that you will ever download for you iPad. By downloading the NetFlix iPad app you will be able to watch any type of video or show you want for a monthly fee of $7.99.

By choosing this unlimited plan, as a member you will be able to watch a thousand of titles by streaming over an internet connection to you computer screen, or any type of mobile device you have. The NetFlix iPad app will optimize your connection and you will be very pleased by what you will see.

To have this amazing application you will have to search in the Apple iTunes Store for NetFlix iPad app and enter your Netflix username and password. And this is all you have to do to have it on your own device!

The NetFlix iPad app browsers’ let you pick a movie by genre because this type of search will get you the best results. You can see that the NetFlix iPad app has a basic search button that will let you find a movie only by its’ title, no actors or directors or any type of details about it. Also the NetFlix iPad app has many sections that will display you movies that you might be interested in chosen by your highly rated searches.

A great disadvantage of the NetFlix iPad app is that in the list of movies you will be amazed to find out that a lot of awarded movies are missing, not only new ones but also ancient movies. This is not developers fault. But the studios fault is for sure. Now the developers of NetFlix iPad app are negotiating and trying to remediate this problem.

By choosing the NetFlix iPad app you will be happy to have a great experience with amazing videos that will play easily on your device. Another advantage is that you can watch all the videos on a larger screen at the same quality.

There is one thing that you just can’t do when you’re playing the NetFlix iPad app. you can’t put the device on mute mode. Even if you’re working at the settings of your iPad, the NetFlix iPad app will continue working on audio mode.

So give it a try and I’m pretty sure you will be very excited about the new NetFlix iPad app from Apple!