The newest release from EA developers is the iPad App Need for Speed-Hot Pursuit. Firstly the game was giving you the chance to play only as a cop but now you can play on the career mode like a racer too. So if you were looking for fun games to play in the house on a rainy day, NFS is clearly a good choice, as you will see next.

When entering the app for the first time and you will get through the trailer you can find your options on the bottom left corner. From there you can choose how to play Need for Speed iPad, you can play it in the career mode, you can do a quick race, also can play multiplayer or you can also view legal information and get access to the game’s settings. In the setting menu you can set your sound levels and the language too. In the same menu you can also change the accelerometer’s sensitivity, switch horizon tilt on or off and switch between auto and manual acceleration. From there you can select to delete all you saved data and start the game again, or you can play the tutorial.

If you are for the first time in a racing game there’s no need to be scared. After you decide to launch a race, in the career or in other game mode, you will see that the game is really simple to pick up. If you didn’t switch from the options menu the accelerations to manual you will see that the car is accelerating automatically and that the car takes some turns when you tilt your device. You also have some weapons, depending on the type of race you have chosen, to choose from.

If you are a policeman that you can choose between EMP, Roadblock or spike trap. You aren’t able to use them immediately you’ve started the race you will have to wait a little bit to let them charge up. If you didn’t found the brake just press the left side of the screen and after doing that you will notice that a brake pedal appears while you are touching it. After you’re done with the braking the pedal will disappear. The nitrous booster can be activated by swiping up with you right thumb. In the right corner you will see a little camera that lets you change your camera view.

In the career mode all you have to do is to earn bounty and to upgrade your car. After hitting a certain level you will be promoted to a higher rank of racer or cop, and a more powerful car you will get too.
The graphic quality is really nice and the range of cars is really amazing. I think that the performance is the only thing that I would change to this game, but otherwise it is one of the best fun games to play in the house that we have reviewed recently, and we heartily recommended. If I receive an email or notification the game has a little lag. Overall this game is really nice and I think that you will like it.