I was really happy when I saw that Moleskine was released for iPad, it is also available for iPhone. This app is very popular because is the amazing journal of great writers.

In this app you have an area that is called “myThoughts” where you can write down your actual thoughts. A thing that I like at the Moleskine app is that the journals are sold with graphed, lined or plain paper and you can adjust this from your iPad app. With this application you can share your thoughts through Facebook, email and Twitter and I think that this is much social networking that anyone can need.

You can write in this iPad application by using your iPad keyboard or sketch, which I tried and it was really easy using my finger. After testing it I think that it’s easier to write with your finger than tapping. If you will turn your iPad in portrait mode then you will see that with the pen and the paper you will beat the touch keyboard. In this app you are also able to insert images in to your thoughts and also you can customize the text.

After testing it I remarked two minuses at this iPad application. First problem I think that it is that this application probably is the first version of it and if you are a writer then you surely want to adjust your workflow to accommodate a digital journal. The second problem that I saw is that the Moleskine app taps into one of iPad’s best advantages. That advantage that I was talking about is the Immersion and with that I really found writing on the iPad can be really immersive.

I am using this application and after using it a while I started to want more from it. The useful things at this app are the typing and sketching but the voice is missing. If in the future I will be able to record some voice memos for the times my inspiration comes it would be really nice.

On the App Store this application has three a stars average. I really liked this application and I find it really useful for writers. At the beginning I was a little confused in the app but after a while I started to get used to it. Another thing that I think that should be modified is that if you want to create a simple new note you must take too many clicks to do it.