If you have a child then you probably realized that a single iPad in your family is not enough anymore. If you don’t have yet a second iPad, it’s time to think about buying it because, if not, your child surely will lay his hands on yours.  All children like to pinch, clap or tap…and the iPad display offer them this opportunity. iPad apps are a good thing for your child if they are educational ones.

Talking about education, Kinderbriefe GmbH, a developer from Germany and an expert in education, just released Letter Jungle Children’s App on the U.S. app store. Elaborated for elementary age children, this app gives your child the opportunity to improve his literacy abilities while he enjoys this interactive app.

Your school age child will be lead by Letter Jungle in a world where he has to recognize basic words in order to enhance his reading and spelling skills. Because of its design which looks excellent on the iPad display, this app will surely encourage and stimulate your child to read more. Interacting with this app is a simple thing thanks to memorable icons and the size able buttons. Your child will surely be happy about real animals sound effects –which is nice reproduced and the wonderful graphics –in 3D mode.

  • Let’s see what the Letter Jungle is about

The story is a very funny one and is about some orangutans which take away letters from words and hide them in the jungle. Your child has to find this letters and arrange them in order to fix broken words. Nimbly, the missing letter will fall from the sky on colored balloon. Your child will enjoy every of the nine levels.  He will have to collect a specific number of crystals if he wants to progress to a new level. With every level, you will see how Letter Jungle succeeds in stimulating and how it will inspire a positive attitude to your child. The main character of the game is Possel which, for every attained level, will give encouragement to your child, verbal and also visual.

Being available in 2 distinct languages, German and English, Letter Jungle Children’s App may be used for children who want to learn a second language as well. If you think that this app is a good one for your child and you choose to buy it, you can find it on the app store for $1.99.