Released by Leostream, a new desktop access app is now on market. Offering protection to customers in accessing their Microsoft Windows desktops and applications, Leostream Connect iPad App is now available, for free, on the app store.

There are many app for desktop access but what makes Leostream Connect to be distinct is the fact that you will not need a virtual desktop structure or a desktop hardware.

With Leostream Connect you can easily access your desktop not only from your iPad but also from various other devices like iPhone or MacBook Pro (if you use wifi access).  As distinct from other apps which also permit you to see and check your desktop from your iPad, with this app you won’t need to leave the computer (the one you want to access) on all day long. That’s why there is no mistake in saying that, with this app, you have your own computer in the cloud.

If you want or if you need, you are allowed to create more desktops, helpful if you have an administrative job and you have to create desktops for other customers in order to give you a free hand to stay in control with them.

In fact, why not enjoy your iPad mobility instead of choosing to travel with your laptop? It’s easier and more comfortable. With Leostream Connect you can access your Windows desktop anywhere you are with a single condition: you must have your iPad with you.

When you will be connected, you’ll be able to see not only the Windows desktop but also some already installed applications like Google Chrome, so you can start working immediately, without wasting time. You are allowed to install any kind of software; the only requirement is to have the product license.

Once connected, you will discover a pretty fast desktop, definitely faster than usual remote access that was used before to your computer. Of course, its quickness is conditioned by your network speed.

You will not meet difficulties in setting up your desktop and the monthly fee is $20 and it won’t be necessary to become a party to a long-time agreement or to pay an up-front price. Leostream Connect iPad App even gives you the opportunity to try their product for free in a trial period of 7 days. In order to offer you a secure login process (which is also very friendly), they come with a single-use, encrypted token.