Do you want your high definition media to stream to your iPad tablet? Now, with thanks to developer Nuvyyo, a new such app was just released. With JetstreamHD for iPad you are able to access and stream any song, photo or video from your home network while you are at work, in the park, at school, at a friend’s house or even in a trip around the world.  With this iPad app you can also watch the TV broadcasts, live.

Those who usually enjoy online mixing and mastering will definitely enjoy using this activity in their free time. It has various features and options that anyone passionate about this field will love.

All you have to do, in order to setup the iPad Media Streamer, is to plug into your home router the Jetstream HD box and download the free app. The optional live TV Tuner stick must be connected between a USB port of Jetstream HD box and a cable feed or digital antenna, if you want to enjoy all TV channels received at your home.

If you wish to see something on the iPad, this app converts it quickly into a format which is iPad-friendly. The streaming bit-rate will also be adapted in order to offer you the greatest resolution over the available 3G and WiFi connection.

If you want to enjoy the facilities of JetstreamHD for iPad, you will have to pay $199 for it.