When it comes to technological innovation, Apple is definitely a leading manufacturing company. They have managed to surprize everyone with the creation and release of the Apple watch, not to mention that in the past years, their smartphones have been gradually improved. Annually, the beginning of autumn has brought with it the official announcement of a new device, an iPhone, to be more precise. For this reason, in case you have read the latest tech news today, you are probably aware of the fact that everybody is expecting, in the beginning of September, the official announcement of many products. The iPhone 7, the new model of Apple TV and even the new iPad mini 4 or the iPad Air 3 (also known as “iPad Pro”) are the gadgets anticipated by the public. Although the timing will be perfect (just before the holiday shopping season begins), it is still unclear which device will be unveiled.

Why is it believed that a new tablet is on its way?

In spite of the fact that the Apple TV has never been updated until now, it is widely considered that the event will announce the release of a new tablet. However, the exact dates are still inconsistent. Dedicated sources have offered some details according to which Apple will not launch the iPad Air 3, since the company is now focusing on the iPad mini 4. In addition to this, the same reports claim that the supply chain has started to work on the parts of the fourth-generation tablet, but the changes are not major. Until now, it is believed that the new tablet will have a dimension of 7.9-inch, but will be slimmer than the iPad Air 2 and also more performing, as far as multitasking is concerned. As reliable as these pieces of information may seem, you should know that no official confirmation has been done, so there could be many changes until the event hosted by the Californian headquarter of the company.


How will the new iPad look like?

When it comes to design, Apple experts know exactly what they are doing. This is why people expect the next tablet to be extremely sleek, smooth and stylish. Although instead of completely reimagining their products, the company has been tweaked its previous models, the iPad Air 3 seems to be different: light weight, much thinner and with a completely new design. The constant changes (actually reductions) made to the initial iPad have made the latest version to be twice as thinner as the original device. Anyway, as far as the design is concerned, experts foresee that some dramatic changes are completely unnecessary, so who can say what Apple has prepared to their fans?


What do people expect?

Ever since the rumour of a new version has started to appear, everyone has their own “wish list” regarding the features they want changed by the manufacturer. These are not only in terms of design (a wider range of colours available, for example), but also in terms of tech specifications: larger screen, faster processor, full Apple play or live multitasking, to mention but a few.