The newest release that will come with iPad 2 is the operating system iOS 4.3. I think that this is the last revision to iOS 4 before the launching of the iOS 5. iPad operating systems are constantly changing in order to adapt to the technological advancements. Considering the development rhythm of iOS, we would not be surprised if the new technology 2014 news would feature the release of iOS 8.

iOS 4.3 isn’t available for iPhone 3G and second-generation iPod Touch. I think that this isn’t a big surprise after that Apple started to sell the new second-generation iPod Touches from September 2010. I really wished that Apple didn’t drop the support for slower hardware before the launching day of the iOS 5 but it seems that they dropped off earlier.

In this article I will especially talk about the operating system iOS 4.3. This new iOS has some new nice features and some really nice update from the older operating systems.

I think that the most important and major component of the update is the improved JavaScript rendering speed. The developers from Apple say that this new engine is twice as fast as the old one. I’ve tested the speed of the engine and it is a bit more than twice actually as fast at running JavaScript. I used Sunspider to measure the speed of this new engine.

Another nice update is the iTunes Home Sharing. If you have a 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad probably you don’t have much space to play with. You can now listen to any music and you can also watch any movie or video, with the introduction of Home Sharing on the iPad, and you won’t be bound to pick and choose what to sync and you won’t be also bound to save them on your tablet. In this new iOS the developers from Apple have made the side switch customable and all the users can customize side switch functions as they wish.

With this operating system comes the second generation Apple TV. The first generation of Apple TV I didn’t liked it too much because I wanted to see apps, photos and possibly websites via my iPad through Apple TV. Now with the second generation I was really happy to see that now I am able to see photos and slideshows streamed over Apple TV more smoothly. The videos are streaming smoothly until you will make them full screen.

I think that this new operating system is better than the others, but I still wait the iOS 5 to see what the developers will make now to dazzle us. Perhaps the new technology 2014 news will surprise us with operating systems so advanced that they allow iPads to connect to everything such as the smart phone, the PC or the TV.