With more than 6 millions downloads, Chop Chop franchise brings on market a new puzzle platformer: iPad App Chop Chop Caveman, the sixth game on the Chop Chop series. In this Gamerizon game, the sword brutality which was used in Chop Chop Ninja, the predecessor of this game is replaced by the perspicacity of a puzzle game.

For platformer fans, the less action of this game would not be a problem because Chop Chop Caveman gives you the possibility to explore well designed levels in a more relaxed way. Because this game is focused on traveling through environment, it looks like a true platformer, the best in the series.

The cute caveman awakes hungry, with a rumbling stomach and a great desire to eat some fresh dinosaur meat. You will have to help him to find his daily food (he needs to eat at breakfast but also the lunch and dinner). In addition, he will also have to eat a late midnight snack.

The appetite of Chop Chop Caveman is diversified. So, you should pay attention to what your carnivorous man needs. Many creatures like Tantalizing T-Rex Ribs, Dinosaur Steaks or Prehistoric Pug Sausage are on his taste.

But this game is about challenging too. Additional objectives, the placement of the platform and the boss fights make this game harder and simulate from the beginning to the end.

Here are other advantages of this funny game:

  • Epic adventure

Brilliant locations, hidden objects, chump enemies, interactive aspects and 4 boss fights are developed in 20 gorgeous levels.

  • Controls…intuitive controls

Your finger is enough in order to carry out all the different tasks. Think about virtual buttons or joystick? Forget about them. You won’t need.

  • Environment interaction

Interacting with your environment is not a difficult job…all you have to do is to solve various puzzles by smashing and throwing objects.

  • Enjoy it with your friends

Have you ever dreamed to become the most famous Chop Chop Caveman on the Earth? Now this wish may come true thanks to achievements and leader boards of Game Center and OpenFeint.

In conclusion, if you want to have 20 prehistoric levels in 4 different worlds with 4 impressive boss fights, no less than 15 achievements, intuitive controls, Game Center and OpenFeint leader boards and, of course, meat…plenty of meat, then you should try iPad App Chop Chop Caveman and let the search of dinosaur meat begin.