I know that all of you iPad users love the iPad 2 Smart Cover. The developers from Apple seem to insinuate that the back of the Smart Cover from the iPad 2 device can go unprotected and bent. I know that there are some iPad users that dropped their first generation iPad on the floor and after that you really saw that the case got a little damaged. I’ve dropped my iPad too and it got a really big damage even that it was covered in a full case.

I’m sure that all iPad fans wanted a bigger security for their iPads’ and a lot more rear protection from the Smart Cover, which is really innovative, but unfortunately there isn’t.

Until I discovered this iPad 2 case I was really careful with my device, I was careful to don’t drop it or scratch it. iPad 2 Case by Xgear is doing a really good job in the rear protection problem that we all have with our iPads. The newest XGear case for iPad 2 has a really nice design that looks good on the tablet and it works along with the Apple Smart Cover. This new case is called XGear Smart Cover and in its name the Smart Cover from the Apple is found too and with that they congratulate their good work done with that case. The designers from XGear have done a little more and took the Smart Cover case a little further and added some more protection at the rear side of the device.

The XGear Smart Cover has a really amazing design which really comes perfect on the Smart Cover of the iPad 2 tablet. Its design also is a low profile and thin one. You can install this case really fast on your iPad 2 device without having any problems. It comes perfect on the iPad 2 Smart Cover and none of the features that come with the Smart Cover will not disappear.

With this case you will be able to put your iPad in the video mode or in the type mode. It is really nice to see that the case can do that two things and it does them really good and it also feels really natural. This case come in two colors, you can take it in black and clear colors. You can buy it from Amazon for the price of $16.60.