An amazing app for iPad 2 is iMovie. This app is working only on the iPad 2 because of the devices cameras and that is because they are the only way to get videos into the app. You can shoot any movie with your iPad and then edit it in iMovie or you can also shoot it with your iPhone and after that import it on your iPad.

A minus at this app is that you can’t use videos that aren’t in the video format that is made by the iOS. If you want to edit videos using this app you should shoot them with a device that shoots video files that are compatible with your iPad.

The developers from Apple say that iMovie works only on iPad 2 but I tried it on an iPad and it worked fine. Although when you are having a more complex project you will notice that it gets a little slack.

In this app you will have a timeline pane that is scrollable. This timeline pane comes along with a video-preview pane. If you will turn your iPad into the landscape view you will see that a view into the iPad’s video library will appear too.

You can make a lot of things with this app, I’ve done a lot of things in a sec like trim clips, piece together a video, set transitions and I was also able to record a voiceover. I really liked the feature that lets you record a voice-over and I like that you can review, discard and also keep what you have done.

You can choose for your iMovie iPad application a theme, from a bunch of them, and the theme has its own title style and set of transitions. The transition you can easily edit by just tapping on it in the timeline. After you will enter in the edit menu of the transition there will appear two clips. If you will tap the two headed arrow icon you will enter the Precision Editor that lets you make some precise cuts on the right frame.

You will get up and running in iMovie on your iPad really fast. The application’s help system really impressed me. You can enter it by tapping on the question mark icon that is in the main menu screen.

If you are a person that when he travels he wants to edit his home movies then I recommend you the iMovie iPad app. You can buy it from the app store for just $5.