In app store are many educational and fun iPad app. One of them, called Grow your Garden HD, is about math learning for children while watering the garden. Additions and subtractions become more interesting when are learned while playing a funny game of growing a beautiful garden.

With twelve available levels, this game is easy at start; your child has to drop off water to a flower in order to make it grow. With every level, the difficulty grows when he will have more than one bucket and the match of number is not exactly anymore. Your child will be asked to water every flower with a specific number of drops if he wants the planted seeds to grow. Although Grow your Garden HD has only twelve levels, it has three stages so, in fact, your child will play 36 games in order to fill the garden. He will need to do some mental work and to use his logic if he wants to progress to the next levels of this iPad app. The tools of your child are the water buckets and the water source. Each bucket holds a specific number of water drops that have to be used to water the flowers. He will face a mathematical problem in each stage and will have to solve it. If is overwater, the flower will die and a gravestone engraved with R.I.P. will take its place. If your child fails and wants to try again, he is allowed to use the retry button and play again that individual stage. In the first few levels, a child-friendly tutorial will teach your child how to manage this game.

To bloom fully, a flower needs three watering; after that it will be included in your child’s garden –which he can see any time. If he wants, he can play again previously levels if those are completed. The uncompleted levels are locked until your child succeeds in resolving them.

Incorporating important thinking skills, Grow your Garden HD encourages children to find and verify their answers, to try varied ways and keep going until he discover the right solution.

Visually and numerically represented, the math problems of this iPad app will be a delight for your child. You can find it on the app store for $1,99. Be sure that math learning for children while watering the garden is more attractive than learning it in the classroom.