Nowadays are so many iPad tablets on the market that more and more users need to access their files from the desktop with the help of their iPad. This connection can now be made very easily by downloading the new GoToMyPC iPad app that you can download it from the app store.

Studies revealed that the Apple iPad raised sales made the laptop and PC sales decrease. More and more people prefer to use the iPad when they go in a trip instead of a laptop. It’s so much easier. So this is the way appeared the need for transferring your files from PC to your tablet. And the developers thought to create the GoToMyPC iPad app just to make your life easier.

You can download the GoToMyPC iPad app from the app store for free. You can work this application either on landscape or portrait orientation. But the best way to use the GoToMyPC iPad app is on the landscape orientation. After you downloaded it you will be able to acces all the information you need like vacuum cleaner reviews. A great feature o the GoToMyPC iPad app is that you can disable the keyboard and mouse while you’re in a transfer session from your PC.

Another advantage of the GoToMyPC iPad app is that you can do all the transfers and connections between devices very easy. Even though you will download it for free, for a full access you will have to pay a monthly fee of $9.95 per user.

This remote control iPad app even though will cost you a bit if you calculate it annual will make your connections and transfers from other devices much easier. The GoToMyPC iPad app is a great application and better than the LogMeIn Ignition. Even though the last mentioned application is cheaper, you will notice the big difference between them.

If you choose to download the GoToMyPC iPad app for free for the app store you will have to know that you can use only standard functions of this amazing iPad app. But if you’re going to invest in it you will be much pleasant.

So don’t hesitate and take a chance! Buy yourself at first a month of GoToMyPC iPad app and I’m sure that after you are going to use it for a month you will absolutely fall in love with it and you will want to have it forever on your device.