The Fruit Ninja iPad app is one of the most purchased applications on the market. Millions of people, from all over the world, play this fantastic game daily!

The simplicity of this game is the most delightful part of it. Different fruits appear on the screen and you just have to slice them up, just like a ninja would do. But be careful, there are some pesky and annoying bombs that you have to avoid!

Even if the Fruit Ninja iPad app it’s just a casual game, strategy still plays a role in the gameplay. After some time, more and more fruits appear on the screen, and you need to slice up every one, before it falls down from the view. Three pieces left unsliced it’s decisive and you lose the game. Slashing multiple fruits brings you extra bonus points.

As you advance, the falling fruits won’t be you’re only worry, bombs will appear as well. As any ninja know, bombs bring no good, so you have to avoid slicing them. If any of the bombs is sliced, the game will end instantly.

The fun part of the Fruit Ninja iPad app is represented, as expected, by the slicing. Just by swiping your finger, or fingers, across the screen, you can slice the falling fruits. The best part is that the game supports slashing with up to eight fingers at a time. The incredible visuals that include lots of fruit juice splattered across the screen, and the incredible soundtrack add up, making for the player a great gaming experience.

The Fruit Ninja iPad game offers more than one way of slicing the fruits. You can either play the Classic mode, where you keep slashing fruits, until you miss three of them or hit a bomb, or you could play the Zen mode, where you get ninety seconds of fruit slicing. In this mode, you have to slice as many fruits as you can, with no bombs in sight.

The best part is yet to come… You can play this game in multiplayer mode. You and a friend can crowd down around an iPad at opposing sides, and compete in either Classic or Zen mode. In Classic mode, you can even throw a bomb onto your opponent part, just to spice the game up a little bit.

By getting more and more high scores you have the opportunity to unlock certain bonuses, and gain access to Sensei’s Swag- a collection of various in-game aesthetic upgrades, like fancier background and swords.
Fruit Ninja is the messiest and most satisfying fruit game ever!