I’m sure that parents who own an iPad know how many educational apps can be found in App Store and how useful they can be. A great one, released by Elevated Lab Press and called Elevated Math for iPad, will help your child to progress with several levels in learning middle school math. This app offers more than 150 math lessons and incorporates instruction in algebra, geometry, estimation, probability, SAT, place value and others.

Thanks to the tablet, your child can use this math app on a special and attractive platform. Now he can learn math in his own rhythm and, when necessary, he can purchase supplementary lessons. On Elevated Math’s website, auxiliary free materials are available.

Your child will surely be more interest of Elevated Math for iPad than in all other middle school curriculum and fortunately the lessons of this math app are high quality ones. The integrated whiteboard (on which he can try to resolve the problems) and the great animations, shows the intelligence of those who developed the design of Elevated Math. It also has more than 15.000 interactions which allow your child to have an instant feedback from the math lessons he is studying.

“How math will help me in life?” If this is one of your child questions, than he should watch the videos about the 20 professionals who have to use math in their work. Those career oriented documentaries will help him to understand why it’s good to learn math.

Being one of the educational apps, it will teach your child:

  • Numbers and Operations -40 lessons with number operations, decimals, fractions, integers, factors, exponents, decimal operations, computational fluency or fractions, powers, proportion, percent and ratio.
  • Algebra -90 lessons with elements of middle grade Algebra 1 class. Verbal and symbolic rules, tables and graphs are used to represent linear functions. Analyses and representations of patterns are also available. Exponential, polynomial, rational and nonlinear functions are studied. Inequalities and equations are solved and expressions are simplified and manipulated.
  • Geometry –geometric shapes, space visualization, transformation of shapes, coordinate geometry and, of course, triangles, angles, lines and points.
  • Measurement -12 lessons that teach about volume, perimeter, area, attributes and tools like: system, processes, units, estimation, applications of measurement.
  • Probability and data analysis -9 lessons on how to choose and use proper statistical method to analyze data, develop inference, make predictions and apply probability’s basic concepts.

You can find Elevated Math for iPad on app store, for free. Let your child enjoy learning math!