Thanks to MoboTap, Dolphin Browser HD App for iPad is now on market. This iPad app is distinctive because of its tabbed browsing and motions that merge with your iPad.

The innovative approach of Dolphin Browser HD iPad app along with multiple interesting features allows this app to become a strong competitor for Safari browser. This browser and Safari were elaborated alongside. The deficiency of Safari’s tabs was used by developers of Dolphin HD Browser App and now this app gives you the possibility to navigate between pages, bookmarks and, of course, tabs. Also, tabs can be added in the same way you do with your desktop.

Talking about features, the button that cover the entire screen looks good and blocks out distractions should be reminded as well as the web zine feature that comes with excellent news content with a great design for facile reading, making your web experience a better one. In this iPad app you will enjoy to work with gestures; in gesture mode, adding a gesture or drawing a sign is allowed (you can choose a “F” to access Facebook or a “B” to add a new bookmark).  A game changer is the one that allows you to take a look to your recent tabs or swipe to see your bookmarks. So, if Safari wants to stay in business, it needs some updates.

The Smart Address Bar of Dolphin Browser HD iPad app should also be reminded. That’s means that when URL first characters are typed, this app shows you all results from browsing history and bookmarked files. Also, your preferred sites can be put on Speed Dial and when you will look for them you won’t have to search in your bookmarks or to type a long or difficult URL. Regarding Bookmark you should know that is has folders in order to help you to organize your bookmarks like you do when you work with a desktop web browser.

In conclusion, browsing the web with Dolphin Browser HD iPad app is an interesting and funny experience. Tapping the tabs and its stylish design makes this app even better. So, waiting for Apple to update their Safari, Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad is the one which succeeded in winning this competition.

You can find this app on the app store. It’s a free app; you lose nothing if you choose to try it. So, give it the chance to impress you!