The Cut the Rope iPad app is based on a story. In a mysterious package, there is a creature that has only one request. He wants candy! You’re part in this game is to help Om Nom, the cute little monster, to eat the candy.

The principle of the game it’s very simple. You have to get the piece of candy in the level, from its starting point into the mouth of Om Nom, while trying to collect all the stars available in the level, so you can pass to the next one. You can accomplish this by cutting the ropes, in a manner that allows you to get all the stars and after that, to get the candy to the mouth of the cute little monster.

Advancing through levels brings you new surprises, like bubbles, air gushers, adjustable length rope, and many more. Obstacles appear as well. You will have to dodge spikes, electric fields, and spiders that try to steal your candy, by climbing up the ropes.

The Cut the Rope iPad app is a big joy to play. Resolving the puzzle require planning or quick reaction times, and collecting the three starts and finally bring the candy to Om Nom can be very satisfying. You may feel as a really ingenious person after figuring out how to solve some of the puzzles that seem impossible at a first glance. A really good formula for creating such an addictive game. Animations and graphics are really great, also the monster is really fluid animated, changing faces when the piece of candy is near him. The Cut the Rope iPad game comes with 100 levels, but the developer promised that more levels will be available.

One of the main problems that the Cut the Rope Ipad app has, is that it can be very easy to accidentally slash something you don’t want to, or slash a rope, when you just want to rotate a lever to raise your rope. Restarting the level is fairly easy, but still it can become frustrating when your plan isn’t going as purposed, because you made a mistake and slashed something you didn’t want to.

The Cut the Rope iPad app is very ingenious, and follows a similar formula to Angry Birds- with pleasing graphics and a simple gameplay that becomes more complex level after level. The creators have done a really good job and come up with a brilliant game design, and with the increasingly number of level, this game has the potential to be on top for a very long time.