As a turn-based strategy game that takes place on Carrabian Sea, Halo Game creators release first iPad app game called Crimson: Steam Pirates. Based on the tale of a steampunk pirate, Thomas Blood, this game will give you the chance to discover the world of pirates and steampunks.

In order to try this iPad app, you are allowed to enjoy first 8 adventures of Thomas Blood for free. If you want to continue the story, you’ll have to pay $1.99 for second chapter. In Crimson: Steam Pirates you are the owner of a fleet of vessels that you coordinate to navigate and attack the ships you want to capture.

With this iPad app you will enjoy 16 single player missions for first 2 chapters and also 2 scenarios for pass’n’play multiplayer. If you are a competitive person, then you have to know that leaderboards are also supported. Unfortunately, the developers don’t mention anything regarding a future update which should include online multiplayer. Your gameplay will become interesting because you will have at disposal more than a dozen classes of ships from 4 different factions sail, 8 different and challenging voyages, and 20 crew members with useful unique abilities.

Since it is free, why don’t you enjoy the news that Halo Game creators release first iPad app game and try it…maybe it is in your line.