There are many people that wrongly believe that WordPress is ready SEO set up and think that they do not require this type of service to index their pages and rank higher in search results. Contrary to expectations, the core software does not include SEO. In fact, it would be impossible for this fact to hold any truth, because search engine optimization and especially on-site optimization is supposed to target specific keywords that have relevance for the user. There are many WordPress users that think they only need to publish their articles and SEO is automatically completed by the software. This is wrong information and search engine optimization is a complex process that involves keyword research, Meta titles, Meta descriptions, linking and many other things. If you wish to gain a string online presence, you require the services of search engine optimization Montreal experts, whether you have a WordPress website or not. The best SEO practices can take you out of the non-indexed place to the top spots in search results in just a matter of weeks.

One of the most common SEO mistakes WordPress users make is failing to provide a XML Sitemap. Google has always stresses that sitemaps helps them find your pages and you definitely want to oblige to anything the ultimate search engine says it will help. If you have a new website or you have many backlinks, the XML sitemap will help Google index your pages. This sitemap is in fact a list of pages that you wish to get index by the search engine. Whenever someone is looking for the type of service, product or information that you offer, these pages will appear among the search results. Fortunately, your SEO expert can take care of this part as long as you give them enough authorization. Another big mistake WordPress users seem to make when it comes to SEO is using poor categorization and bad tags. If you have an article about kittens tagged with web design under the computer hardware category, your visitors, not only Google will have a hard time trusting you. You risk making your visitors leave your website by trying to make use of the hottest tags by linking them to an irrelevant subject.


Failing to implement canonical URLs is also a grave mistake. People think that the name and form of the URL is irrelevant, but Google sees a website with .com and .com/ differently. Therefore, you need to clearly state what version you want to index. Your SEO expert can use a Webmaster Tool to tell the search engine what form of the URL you wish to index. Whether we like it or not, Google+ plays an important role in making a friendly connection with Google. It is common knowledge that linking your website with another high ranked site will help your SEO. Optimizing your WordPress site for Google+ can help you tremendously.