For helping occasional snappers and enthusiasts, App Store offers a great variety of iPad photo editing apps in order to manipulate the photos immediately after they were taken. If photography is one of your hobbies, then you surely are interested about the fact that SSA Mobile developed Color Range iPad App, a great app for editing your photos, simple to use and funny. Although is not as complex as Photoshop, it helps you to add to your photos specific color enhancements.

Do you want to change a color or several colors of a selected object from a picture?  Or you wish to have a vintage photo with only one definite color? These and many others are now possible thanks to this exceptional app that allows you to manipulate, as creative as you can, the colors of your photos.

With the HUE image effect, the colors can be changed, popped with vivid saturation effects and the feature regarding the real-time preview will keep you engage trying different appearances of your final work. Beside this, you are also offered six Color Sliders which allows you to calibrate a specific color which best fits to your photo. For even more fabulous effects, this app allows you to take the control of saturation and brightness.

Some of the most important features of Color Range iPad App are:

  • Standard and Advanced mode of grey or colored brush  to eliminate or recover the colors of photos manually;
  • Equalizer of Colors’ Range and Color Separator which are unique filters used to automatically point out and partially or fully remove a color or colors range ;
  • Saturation, Sharpness, Contrast and Brightness filters to have additional adjustments and the style you want for your picture;
  • For different vintage effects, Color Balance filter is available;
  • To change color of specific objects, Hue filter can be used;
  • Actions can be repeated or canceled any time;
  • Applied effects can be seen in real-time;
  • The Zoom function is ready for use;
  • High resolution for saving images…up to 2040×2040;
  • Pictures with any resolution can be uploaded and the built-in camera can be used;
  • Images can be: exported to Facebook and Twittter, sent by mail or saved in Photo Album.

Now it’s time to have beautiful and interesting colorized pictures with Color Range iPad App, one of the greatest photo editing apps,  that can be found in App Store for $0.99.