If you’re an iPad app lover you will be madly in love with the new application named the Codify iPad app. This amazing iPad app will help you code apps on your iPad.

The name of the company that released this new app is Codify. The Codify iPad app is the best code editor that you will ever use on your iPad. It’s so easy to use it! Just touch the code directly on your iPad and done! The Codify iPad app will make you able to tap and drag an item and you can change its’ number, color or picture. The interface of this iPad app is made by Codify visual editors. Another amazing thing that the Codify iPad app does is that allows you to create your own iPad apps and games by using the Lua programming language. You can simply write and run Lua in the Codify iPad app and you will have the most powerful tool for an iPad app. You’ll be the creator of many iPad prototypes just using the Codify iPad app and the Lua programming language.

The Codify iPad app has many advantages but also disadvantages. One of the advantages of this iPad app is that the interface used by Codify has a smartly touch in many different ways while you’re working with it. For example, to see coordinates or colors you have to drag your finger around the screen and you’ll have it. If you’re very familiar with the Lua language you will have the best experience ever, offered by the Codify iPad app. The Codify iPad app has also an auto-complete function that gives you codes and function-suggestions when you’re working.

The disadvantage of this iPad app is that you can’t import or export your code, not by email or other ways. I know that this experience will be very exciting for you if you love using your iPad by writing codes and you will learn so many things by using the Codify iPad app on your own device. So don’t waste your time and try it.

If you’re very interested in, you can buy this iPad app from an app store for just $7.99. It’s a cheap iPad app that will change your way in using this device. You will become an application creator, you will create your own games. So don’t hesitate! Try it and buy it!