Have you ever imagined that a cloud is able to make your life easier by bringing you fun and visual delight with a single click? When files become fluffy clouds, everything seems to be easier, more interesting and very funny.  It’s not a fairy tale; it’s Cloud Word App for iPad. Here, your notes fly on a blue sky along with clouds. The animated clouds are a delight for the eyes and they are the containers of your saved notes.

The strong points of this app are, from far, the creativity and thought behind it. The good looking design of Cloud-Word won’t give you a rough ride. Faultless and intuitive, the Cloud-Word touch navigation allows you to quickly access the file you need by touching the cloud.

It also has a glossary for reference which can be used when you write projects and documents or when you bone up something. If you want to sum up a meeting, a presentation, a lecture or even to prepare for an appointment, you can count on Cloud-Word. Aside from finding words, this iPad app allows you to add pictures from photo library or you can use your camera to take some photos. This app helps you to get acronyms, so that you will be able to find quickly what you are searching for.

With Cloud word App for i-Pad, you are allowed to add your own acronyms or anything else. The design of slide bar helps you to reveal and hide it with one touch. With just one touch, you can also find the text editing choices or you can open the unfinished documents in order to finalize them. To set up it’s an easy procedure and it also allows you to edit your document as much as you want. If you want to send your projects by email, rely on Cloud-Word. All you have to do is to touch and select what you want to send. You can send documents and projects to anyone, even to yourself. You can also create your own questionnaires or outlines. Besides all these, Cloud-Word  allows you to enjoy recording something or listening to your text while switching between models.

Another advantage of this iPad app is that any language supported by your iPad can be used to do your job.

You can have this iPad app for $1, 99 from the app store. So take a look, you will be delighted.