The fun stuff of killing Nazi zombies just got upgraded with this new Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies for iPad which has great new features and the zombie-slaughtering experience has been improved. If you already downloaded the iPhone version you may find this application really expensive, its price is $15. More information about this on

The app graphics is much better on the iPad’’s larger screen. In Call of Duty iPad app some new changes have been made like the bloody stains on the zombies and the roughness of your character’s hands. When you will lift your gun to take aim you will notice that you vision doesn’t get blocked so much by the gun and that the field of vision is much bigger. The field of vision isn’t bigger just because of the bigger screen it is also larger because of the smaller portion that buttons and joysticks are using from the screen.

In the blown-up graphics is a slight pixilation, although the controls and the details of the game have been improved. Compared to the console version iPad App Call of Duty: Zombies is looking rudimentary, still the iPad version is looking really improved than the iPhone version.

The same bombed out, post apocalyptic, World War II themes are in the maps- Nacht der Untoten and Zombie Verrukt-. At the price of $15, that in my opinion is high, you will have the both maps included in the game not like in the iPhone version where you had to buy the second map.

A big minus at this game is that the controls are still rigid. You will have to take some time to learn and master the new upgrades like the reload button, which is really a nice upgrade at this game. Also the moving and the aiming will need some practice if you want to master them with the two joysticks.

If you don’t like the dual stick controls, you can choose another scheme like “touch screen” which allows you to swipe the screen anywhere for looking around. Another scheme is the “tilt” one is uses the accelerometer of iPad for the view control. After trying these schemes I was a little dizzy, although that they are making a little difference compared to the stick.

I think that iPad really does great job with Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies and you will have a pretty nice experience playing it.