The richest in features release of the popular Brushes application is the Brushes iPad App. In this app you have to choose from 19 different brushes to paint with them. You can choose from a various types of shapes from the hard or soft edged round brushes to some really nice texture brushes made of lines, dots or splotches. You can also change the spacing, size and transparency of the brushes. A nice feature is that the every brush can vary in size or opacity and that will depend on how fast you paint with it.

After choosing the type of brush that you want to use you can pick the color that you want to paint with. You can choose the color from a full-spectrum color wheel. In the tight of the color wheel you will find swatches, and these swatches will help you for a quick selection of the color that you want to use. You can use the swatches only by dragging any color to the swatches and they are going to be saved and you can use them later. You can completely fill the screen with one color that you choose with the eye dropper tool. You can pain how much you want and you don’t have to worry that you are going to mistake because you are having almost unlimited amount of undo’s.

In the iPad version, Brushes, supports with two more layers than the iPhone version, a number of six layers. You can do almost whatever you want with the layers, you can clear the entire layer, flip vertically or horizontally a layer, you can also merge a layer down into the one beneath it. The layers can also be resized and rotated, more than that you can also import your photos that are saved on the iPad and make them as a new layer.

Normal, Multiply, Screen, Overlay and Color are the five different blending modes that you can choose from. With these modes you can choose how a layer will interact with the other ones. If you will choose the Screen mode, then it will ignore the color black and will let the lighter side of the spectrum to show up.

After finishing the drawing you can save your painting to the gallery. If you want to share them with your friends you can share through e-mail, you can upload them to Flickr or you can just save or copy them to your photo library from the iPad. But if you think your mobile device isn’t giving you enough options to explore this app, now you can also download apps for PC. And while you won’t be seeing any other extra options per se, using the mouse and disposing of a larger screen may inspire you to create some truly unique art. Use this tool at its maximum potential by installing it on your PC.

I think that you will love Brushes iPad. I really like it because it’s an amazing painting app and has a large amount of features.