This free iPad app was released by Boxee to help the iPad users to stream any type of video from the computer to their tablet. The Boxee, if you haven’t heard about it, it’s the most innovative and fresh way to watch movies, shows, photos and music from the web to the TV and can do all these things without any monthly fee. But the Boxee iPad app is not only offering you all these services but helps you stream media from your PC or Mac to your iPad device.

The 5 major tabs that you can choose working with in the Boxee iPad app are: Friends, Watch Later, Featured, PC to iPad and iPad to TV.

So, if you want to share any type of video or music or photos you can do it simply by using the Friends tab from the Boxee iPad app. This tab allows you to share with your friends everything. The Boxee iPad app has this Friends tab through the Boxee social service. The Friends tab is actually a queue of all the videos and files that your friends are sharing.

The second tab of the Boxee iPad app is the Featured tab. This type of tab of the iPad app is showing you what videos are buzzing in the entire world. So if you’re interested in this kind of stuffs then the Boxee iPad app’s Featured tab is all that you need.

A great advantage of the Boxee iPad app is not only the sharing function but also the Watch Later bookmark that makes you a queue with the videos that you selected to watch them later.

The fourth major tab, PC to iPad helps you to get or transfer everything you need from your PC to your device. So you don’t have to concern anymore about converting files when you’re transferring everything you need from PC to your iPad because the Boxee iPad app is already doing this for you.

So, as you can see there are so many benefits or you to have the Boxee iPad app on your device. And the biggest benefit of all is that you can have it for free. Start sharing videos with your friends, start watching any kind of movie you want from the internet, or just queue it for later and start transferring everything you need from your PC with the Boxee iPad app.

You can download it for free from the app store right now.