The Bejeweled iPad app is a puzzle based game, where you have to connected more than 3 colored symbols in a single row, to transform them into points. The game is based on the touchscreen, so you play by placing your finger on a symbol and slide it towards a similar symbol, in order to make a match of at least 3. If you manage to create a line of 3 or more alike symbols the symbols will then clear and the ones that are above will just slide down and fill the spots that were just cleared. When 4 or 5 gems are put together a single special gem is put in place of one of the other, each with their own special abilities.

The most popular game mode of the Bejeweled iPad app is the Classic mode, where players have to clear gems and obtain points in order to advance from one level to another, until they run out of matches to make with the gems. Another way to play the game is the Zen mode where you can match gems and you don’t have to worry that you will have to go through difficult levels or hit point goals. In the Diamond Mine mode the bottom of the screen is packed with dirt, and the only way to clear the dirt is to make matches right next to it. Clearing more and more dirt out, gives you the opportunity to find treasures that worth a lot of points. A timer is on which is counting down and the only way to add more time is to clear more lines of dirt. This is one of the most challenging modes this game offers.

This very fun iPad app offers you an exciting gaming experience. The game is very colorful, making the gameplay a joy for your eyes ; the sound isn’t of lower quality either. The multiple game modes will keep the boredom away and it will really take a long time for you to get uninterested in this game. PopCap games really made a great job with this game, and really knew what the user wanted from them.