A new iPad app, which can be compared to the well known game Angry Birds, was just released. The developer of this game, called Beaver’s Revenge, has done a great job in configuring the graphics…it looks amazing on iPad screen. If you like to play slingshot games you will surely enjoy this one. Even if it is comparable to Angry Birds, Beaver’s Revenge has a special aspect which differentiates it from its predecessor. It’s about the fact that you are allowed to choose a specific critter when you decide to attack.

Papa Beaver is at picnic with his family when he observes that a lumberjack is just cutting down his precious trees. Because of this, he and his furry and very funny friends from forest are prepared for revenge. They will teach the lumberjacks a lesson that they will never forget.

In this game you will have to shoot beehives, fishes, rabbits and divers projectiles woodland critter. You will find your weapon, which is a slingshot, placed along the left side of your iPad screen. A good thing is that Beaver’s Revenge allows you to decide what projectile you want to use. You will surely have fun watching and trying the beavers which throw objects, the fishes which sail through the air, the skunks which drop stink bombs and the rabbits which send bombs if you tap on them during flight. Your targets are, of course, the lumberjacks but also various vehicles and fortresses of your enemies. The level is completed after all lumberjacks are destroyed. The visual fun is associated with an excellent and funny sound that makes the game even more enjoyable.

With each passed level, the difficulty of game play increases as you keep trying to complete your goals in order to defeat the lumberjacks.

While playing Beaver’s Revenge, you will surely notice some of its features:

  • excellent 3D graphics;
  • open Feint and Game Center supported;
  • leader boards for high scores and many achievements;
  • 60 challenging levels in 3 different worlds;
  • 6 unique animals with different powers which will help you to destroy lumberjacks;
  • possibility to purchase in-app items – you can unlock all levels for $2.99 or a pack of 3 levels for $0.99.

If you want to have hours of fun with this addictive game, you can find Beaver’s Revenge in the app store. You’ll have to pay for it $0.99.

You’ll better get Revenge instead of getting angry!