For all gamers, but especially for those who like “Tower Defense” games, developer 11 Bit Studio came with a new interesting idea: “Tower Offense” games, which you can try by playing High Def iPad App Game- Anomaly Warzone Earth, an ideal challenge for any strategist. This is that kind of game which will make others to look over your shoulder to see what you have prepared for your enemies.

Everything starts when a huge comet hits the Earth. Out troops found chaos and destructions but also an anomaly caused by alien attackers which have started an invasion in Bagdad. The enemies put their weapons (like hacking towers, turrets and power nodes) strategically, in unmovable positions.

In Anomaly Warzone Earth you will be asked to complete a different mission for each level: you will have to target and destroy the enemy turrets, you must escort a defenseless unit or navigate in direction of a target zone.

In this iPad app, you are the commander of the company in your efforts to stop the alien attack. When you start a mission, you are allowed to choose the units that you want to send to attack and the route they should follow. You can either risk and earn some cash or you can go directly for the goal if you think you don’t need cash for upgrading your troops. You have to make many decisions in each stage: you can send rolling tanks (that target multiple enemies), missile launchers, item or shield generators and many others in order to reach your goal. If you obtain unique battle abilities (like smoke, repair, airstrike or decoy), you can use them for a specific range and a limited period of time. The decoy takes away your enemies attention while the smoke diminishes the damage.

You will surely be impressed both by graphics of Anomaly Warzone Earth and also by the touch and tap-based interface. This iPad app is great for quick play sessions but also for relaxing moments when you have nothing to do but to play.

When you will finish the game, you will be able to unlock a new mode, “Commander Trials”. You will have to gain the mission again, but with a new set of rules. Do you think it’s easy? Try it and you’ll see.

In App Store, High Def iPad App Game- Anomaly Warzone Earth is available for $3.99.