Released in 2010, Angry Birds iPad App is one of those iPad games that you will get addicted to immediately. It had and still has a huge success even for that kind of persons who, initially, considered it to be one of these silly iPad games but, after downloaded it, they ended up playing the entire night. Angry Birds is one of those mobile applications that appear once a few years and instantly become a success and an obsession for game lovers. Just like TV games such as Super Mario used to be all the rage fifteen years ago, so is the mobile Angry Birds right now, creating frenzy among game aficionados.

The goal of Angry Birds game is to destroy the green pigs because they have stolen the birds’ eggs and that’s why the birds are angry and…suicidal. In order to kill the pigs, you have to throw a diversity of birds at them.

With a variety of destructive powers, you have at disposal 4 types of birds:

  • High speed kamikaze birds;
  • Explosive kamikaze birds;
  • Fragmentation bomb birds;
  • Birds with explosive eggs.

For making the game more interesting, developers of Angry Birds for iPad decided to allow user to use a limited number and predefined kinds of birds which they can use in order to attack pigs which are hiding behind fortified castles. That’s why, when playing this game you have to use your imagination because you need to search those parts of castle which you choose as target keeping in mind the birds you are given, for whacking all green pigs on the level.  To make Angry Birds game harder, the sizes and flavors of pigs are not always the same…the bigger the pig, the harder to be killed. Also, some of your enemies wear helmet so you have to pay attention when you choose what kind of birds you want to use if you want to destroy them.

With nice graphics, Angry Birds iPad App is an easy-to-play game: you have to grab the angry bird in the slingshot, target, establish your throw intensity and let your bird “fly”.  It is very easy…or not? There are no tunes in Angry Birds for iPad but, in compensation, the sound effects are extremely funny. You will enjoy 195 levels where you have to be prepared to use skill, logic and brute force in order to destroy your enemies. In this app you can use the Crystal service from Chillingo. With it you can have your own online profile, a cloud-based storage if you want to save game histories and achievements and you are allowed to add to a list of friends all players you want.

If you haven’t played yet this fun and hilarious game, then it’s time to try Angry Birds iPad App and don’t forget…those birds can be addictive!